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Athletes´ Entourage

Entourage Groups

A range of target groups/populations have been identified around athletes in an effort to provide them with a general understanding of expectations and the role each play in the athlete‘s “performance system”.

Families / Friends

The whole family, and particularly parents, are encouraged to support and always act in the best interest of their children. Accordingly, the primary objectives of this web section are to:

- Help parents in decision-making by providing tools and concrete examples,

- Help parents to deal with the complex stakeholder environment of an elite athlete,

- Help parents to maintain a balanced approach to the athlete´s sport and entourage.

Parents have a very important role to play in the athlete´s sporting activity. Together with the athlete, who is and will always remain the main player, parents will mature over the years. It is a challenging and never-ending process in which parents need to be advised competently. Also, the entourage of an athlete is a constantly evolving system. In this environment, the family, and particularly parents, is one of the closest and most influential populations.

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The entourage of an athlete is a complex system with the athlete at its core. A coach plays a key role in this system and the quality of the relationship between a coach and the athlete has a crucial effect on the athlete´s satisfaction, motivation and performance. Given the central place a coach occupies in the athlete´s career, coaching should always mean being a teacher, counsellor, innovator, leader and a protector of the athlete´s health and integrity.

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Schools / Universities

Managing your education alongside an elite sporting career can be a challenge. Choosing an educational institution that understands the unique needs of athletes can therefore make all the difference and enable them to combine their studies with their training regime.

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Source: IOC Entourage Commission

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