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IFF Athletes´ Commission Members

Athletes´ Commission Chair:

Magdalena Kotikova (CZE)
Born: 23.12.1979
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 6 (2001-11) - Bronze x 1
National Championships: 9

Member of the Athletes´ Commission since 2009.

As well as playing in 6 World Championships, Magdalena participated in 4 European Cups, 4 EuroFloorball Cups & 1 Champions Cup event. She has more than 10 years of experience from top international floorball. In the Czech Republic she has won nine National Championships.

Athletes´ Commission Members:

Eliisa Alanko (FIN)
Born: 29.08.1988
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 4 (2009-15) - Silver x 3; Bronze x 1
U19 WFC´s: 1 (2006) - Silver x 1
National Championships: 2

Elected to Athletes´ Commission in December 2013.
Email: eliisa.alanko(at)hotmail.com

Eliisa is in her 5th year of study at University of Turku in the Faculty of Medicine Institute of Dentistry & has successfully combined a demanding school schedule with her Floorball career for many years. She recognises the importance of the ATC as a way for the player´s voices to be heard.

Josefina Eiremo (SWE)
Born: 17.07.1984
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 4 (2009-2015) - Gold x 4
National Championships: 3

Elected to Athletes´ Commission in December 2013
Email: j.eiremo(at)hotmail.se

Josefina has played over 80 internationals & is the current Swedish team captain. From 4 WFC´s she has 4 gold medals. Having been a member of the ATC since 2013, she understands how it is not just the administrators, but players themselves, who can contribute to the development of Floorball. She believes her task is to listen to other players opinions about how to develop the sport, and present these ideas to the IFF via the ATC.

Lidwien Reehuis (NED)
Born: 29.04.1986
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 3 (2009-2015)
National Championships:

Elected to Athletes´ Commission in December 2015
Email: l.reehuis(at)gmail.com

Lidwien is an energetic and very well-respected member of the Dutch Floorball community. She is involved, not just as a player, but also as a member of the NeFUB board. She uses her training as a psychologist to help the youth development and is a role-model for all Dutch players. ´Youth is the Future´ and as part of the ATC Lidwien wants to make sure that the voices of the Floorball youth are heard.

Jill Roberts (AUS)
Born: 3.02.1986
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 5 (2007-2015) - B-division Gold x 1
National Championships:

Elected to Athletes´ Commission in December 2015
Email: skip2111@hotmail.com

Jill is the current Australian team captain and has been a core member of the team for many years. In 2015, she transferred to Switzerland for a short time to help in her prepartions for the WFC. Jill is a qualified Physical Education Teacher & is passionate about Floorball. She wants to see it grow & develop in all countries to ultimately achieve its inclusion in the Olympic Games.

Tero Tiitu (FIN)
Born: 23.04.1982
IFF Player card

WFC´s: 7 (2002-2014) Gold x 2; Silver x 4; Bronze x 1
National Championships: 6

Elected to Athletes´ Commission in December 2014.
Email: tero.tiitu(a)aalto.fi

Tero has played over 130 games for the Finnish national team and is the all-time leading goal scorer (114). He won the Finnish Championships with both Espoo Oilers & SSV Helsinki. He currently plays for IBF Falun in Sweden.

Away from floorball, Tero has studied at Aalto University (Helsinki) and will soon graduate with a Masters of Science in both Economics and Technology.

Karl-Johan Iraeus (formerly Nilsson) (SWE)
Born: 23.12.1982
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 5 (2006-2014) Gold x 3; Silver x 2
National Championships: 1

Member of the Athletes´ Commission since 2010
Email: nilsson.kjn(at)gmail.com

Karl-Johan was part of the Swedish national team that reclaimed the gold medal at the 2012 WFC. He plays with AIK in Sweden, which in 2008 won the prestigious double of the Swedish National Championship and the EuroFloorball Cup.

Nilsson works at Solna Gymnasium (High School) as a Head Coach for the National Florrball Education where he helps young and talented students to develop.

Junoh Lee (KOR)
Born: 11.02.1984
IFF Player card

WFC´s: 2 (2008 C Division & 2014)

Elected to the Athletes´ Commission since 2014
Email: junoh.lee(a)epfl.ch

"Better the world through florball" is what Junoh believes. He has been a national player for Korea for 8yrs as well as working for the Korean Federation for 4yrs. As well as playing, he has been coach of the Korean Men´s U19 team since 2011. He currently plays for the Lausanne Unihockey Team in the Swiss second league.

He has a Bachelor of Sport Science and is currently studying his Masters in Sports Admin & Management at AISTS in Switzerland with his main research paper being ´How can Floorball become an Olympic sport?

Emanuel Antener (SUI)
Born: 25.09.1987
IFF Player Card

WFC´s: 4 (2008-2014) Bronze x 2
U19 WFC´s: 1 (2005) Bronze

Member of the Athletes´ Commission since 2012
Email: emanu87(at)freesurf.ch

Emanuel currently plays for Floorball Köniz. At the 2012 WFC he was elected to the All-Star Team and having played just 18 WFC matches he has already scored an amazing 55 points (14+41). In 2012 he broke two WFC records: Most points in a single WFC event (26) and most Assists in a single WFC event (17). He has also represented Switzerland at the U19 WFC as well as in three World University Floorball Championships.

In addition to floorball, he is currently studying to get his Masters degree in History and Philosophy at the University of Berne. He believes that the ATC plays a key role in promoting the interests and concerns of athletes in the IFF.

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