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T3 Floorball Project

Tatsuro Tajima and Yui Takahashi established an organisation called T3 Floorball Project last year. Now the organisation is officia... — 18.2.2016

1st Street Floorball Event in Japan

In May Japan had their first goalie camp and last weekend Japan had their first street floorball event in Tokyo.The fi... — 12.6.2015

1st Goalie Camp in Japan

The first ever floorball goalie camp was organised in Japan two weeks ago. A total of 15 goalkeepers from all over Japan partici... — 26.5.2015

Japan Floorball Association

Name: Japan Floorball Federation
Association founded: 1983
IFF member since: 1994
Member of National Sports Authority: No
Member of National Olympic Committee: No
Official web page: www.floorball.jp & Facebook page
Number of emplyees in the Association:
Next General Assembly:

Number of licensed players

Total: 2 477
Men: 913
Women: 508
Men Under 19: 592
Women Under 19: 464
Number of Floorball Clubs: 90

Association Contacts

Head office of the association

Japan Floorball Federation
Queen´Palace Tokyo-chuou 509 (WATANABE Office)
4-12-4 Hacchoubori Chuou-ku Tokyo 104-0032
Phone/Fax:+81 3 3552 2058
E-mail: jff-jimukyoku(at)floorball.jp
Web: www.floorball.jp

President: Mr. Tsutomu Watanabe watanabe(at)ktt.ne.jp
Senior Managing Director: Mr. Isao Takahashi isao-taka(at)jcom.home.ne.jp
Secretary GeneralMr. Takashi Sagawajff-jimukyoku(at)floorball.jp
Transfer contact: Mr. Soichi Kato floorball-toukatu(at)floorball.jp
Anti-doping contact: Mr. Takanobu Yoshino tyoshino(at)surugadai.ac.jp
Referee contact: Mr. Kazuyori Goto kazu-gto(at)jf6.so-net.ne.jp
National team contact: Mr. Masahiko Ikawa floorball-kyouka(at)floorball.jp
Media contact: Mr. Yoshiake Ito jff-koho(at)floorball.jp
Education/Development: Mr. Junya Miyashita floorball-fukyu(at)floorball.jp

Participation and results in IFF events

Men‘s WFC:

Women‘s WFC:

Men‘s U19 WFC:

Women‘s U19 WFC:

2018: Final Round
2019: Registered
2019: Registered
2018: -
2016: 22nd2017: 14th
2017: 16th2016:14th
2014: 15th2015: 15th2015: 16th2014: -

2012: 15th

2013: 15th2013: 14th

2012: -

2010: 15th

2011: 16th

2011: -

2010: -

2008: 16th

2009: 17th

2009: 16th

2008: -

2006: 16th

2007: 16th

2007: 16th

2006: -

2004: 20th

2005: 8th

2005: 15th

2004: -

2002: 21st

2003: 9th

2003: 15th

2000: 14th

2001: 13th

2001: -

1998: 13th

1999: 11th

1996: -

1997: 10th

IFF events organised by the association (year, event, Place)

Men´s U19 WFC 2017 Asia-Oceania Qualifications Fujiyoshida
2012 Men´s WFC Qualifications AOFC & Asia Pacific Championships Surugadai
2007 Women´s World Championships A-division Qualification Surugadai

National championships

Men‘s championships played since: no data
Women‘s championships played since: no data
Age groups in boys (U10, U18, etc.): no data
Age groups in girls: no data

Information about the nation

Population: 127 380 000 est. 2012
Capital: Tokyo
Language: Japanese
Currency: Yen

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