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Floorball development in Denmark: Movement for life - Floorball

Floorball Denmark (FD) has increased its membership by 7,5% since 2015, while the number of clubs have risen by 20 % in the ... — 28.12.2016

DaFU becomes Floorball Danmark

The Danish Floorball Union (DaFU) have changed their name to Floorball Danmark and also renewed their logo. The... — 2.6.2016

Århus FK & BFC Vendsyssel Champions in Denmark

The Men´s and Women´s Superfinals were plaeyd for the first time in Denmark. The finals were organised in the Arena Ra... — 21.4.2016

Danish Floorball Federation

Name: Floorball Danmark
Association founded: 1989
IFF member since: 1991
Member of National Olympic Committee: Yes
Official web page: www.floorball.dk & Facebook Page
Number of emplyees in the Association:
Next General Assembly:

Number of licensed players

Total: 7 725
Men: 3 185
Women: 1 276
Men Under 19: 2 632
Women Under 19: 632
Number of Floorball Clubs: 166

Association Contacts

Head office of the association

Floorball Danmark
(Dansk Floorball Union)
Idrættens Hus
Brøndby Stadion 20
DK-2605 Brøndby
Phone +45 209 295 59
E-mail: info(at)floorball.dk

President: Mr. Thorbjørn Ovedal to(at)danskfloorball.dk
Vice President: Mrs. Helle Fonnesbech Sejrup hfs(at)danskfloorball.dk
Secretary General: Mr. Nils-Ola Nilsson nio(at)floorball.dk
Transfer contact: Mr. Steffen Fabricius saa(at)floorball.dk
Anti-doping contact: Mr. Nils-Ola Nilsson nio(at)floorball.dk
Education/Developm. contact: Mr. Frederik Bloch fb(at)floorball.dk
Referee contact: Mrs. Camilla Faber Huhnke Andersen can(at)floorball.dk
National team contact:

Mr. Frederik Bloch


Media contact:

Mr. Tobias Wellendorf

ParaFloorball: Mr. Nils-Ola Nilssonnio(at)floorball.dk

Participations and success in IFF events

Men‘s WFC:

Women‘s WFC:

Men‘s U19 WFC:

Women‘s U19 WFC:

2018: Final Round
2019: Registered
2019: A-division
2018: -
2016: 5th2017: 9th
2017: 6th
2016: -
2014: 7th2015: 10th2015: 9th (1st B-div)2014: -
2012: 18th2013: 11th2013: 8th

2012: 9th

2010: 13th

2011: 8th

2011: 9th

2010: -

2008: 9th

2009: 9th

2009: 8th

2008: -

2006: 6th

2007: 6th

2007: 9th

2006: -

2004: 9th

2005: 9th

2005: 8th

2004: -

2002: 6th

2003: 11th

2003: 7th

2000: 4th

2001: 10th

2001: 8th

1998: 4th

1999: 10th

1996: 7th

1997: -

IFF events organised by the association (year, event, Place)

2012 EuroFloorball Cup Qualification MEN & WOMEN Frederikshavn
2009 EuroFloorball Cup Final Round Frederikshavn
2008 EuroFloorball Cup Qualification West Frederikshavn
2007 Women´s World Floorball Championships Frederikshavn
2006-2007 European Cup Qualification Frederikshavn
2005-2006 European Cup Qualification Aalborg

National championships

Men‘s championships played since: No data
Women‘s championships played since: No data
Age groups in boys: No data
Age groups in girls: No data

Men´s National Champions

Women‘s National Champions
2015-16: BFC Vendsyssel2015-16: Århus FK
2014-15: Rødovre FC2014-15: Århus FK
2013-14: Rødovre FC 2013-14: Fr. Blackhawks
2012-13: Rødovre FC 2012-13: FC Outlaws

2011-12: Rødovre FC

2011-12: FC Outlaws

Men‘s player of the season:

Women‘s player of the season:

No data

No data

Information about the nation

Population: 5 540 241 est. 2012
Capital: Copenhagen
Language: Danish
Currency: Danish krone

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