One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 3/2012

InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport
Luftbrückendenkmal 1, 60549 Frankfurt am Main - CargoCity Süd

Tomas Eriksson President
Monica Bakke Treasurer
Greg Beaudin
Hans Botman,
Stephen King
Filip Suman Vice president §§ 7. – 11.
Lars-Gunnar Tjärnquist
Edwin Wiedmer

Stefan Kratz Competition Manger
Merita Bruun Information Manager
John Liljelund Secretary General

Risto Kauppinen
Oliver Stoll


§ 1. Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 12.45 and wished everyone welcomed to the CB meeting.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

Mr. Eriksson concluded that there was one updated appendix, namely the
Appendix 9 – WFC Evaluation Criteria‘s

§ 3 Minutes from the CB meeting
02/2012 in Nitra, Slovakia (06.05.2012), (Appendix 1)

The minutes from the last meetings were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§ 4. Economy
a) Financial report by the 15.08.2012 (Appendix 2)

Ms. Bakke reported that the IFF in the budget that remains for the fiscal year 2012, there are still a lot of budgeted costs coming in the end of the year. But due to the problems with TV and the WFC 2012, we need to be careful with the finances and closely monitor the four last months. There are no major differences with the budgeting so far in the year.

Mr. King asked about the significant increase of the receivables from related parties, which Mr. Kratz explained that this was due to the delayed payment of the shared Referee costs.

The CB discussed a possibility to include a figure for uncertain debts in the balance, in order to know what the possibility to receive the debts from countries is on a longer period of time.

The CB decided: To approve the report

b) Information on IFF claims – status 15.08.2012 (Appendix 3)

Mr. Kratz presented the claims situation as per 15.08.2012 and the situation is under control, since over 30.000 CH has been cleared during the last four months.

Mr. Eriksson stressed that a number of decisions have been made to control the situation, through the Licence system and the target approach for registration.

Mr. Botman felt that the IFF system is getting to easy. Since there are a number of countries have not paid their debts from 2011. IFF should think about asking for delay interest.

The CB decided: To approve the report

c) IFF General Assembly 2012

Mr. Liljelund reported on the preparations of the IFF General Assembly 2012. The IFF ExCo discussed the time and place for the GA. The ExCo found that the basic idea has been to have it on Friday the 7th of December, but since there still are a number of teams playing in Berne on that date, it will be easier to have the GA on Saturday 8th of December, in Zurich, in order to secure as broad a participation as possible.

The ExCo proposes to start the GA at 08.30, ending it by 13.30 and if possible, have the reception of the City of Zurich starting at 14.00 in order to make it for the first semi-final at 16.30. Apparently the Swiss Association is having a gathering with the Ministry of Sport and the City of Zurich.
The proposal for the CB program will be as follows;
- Arrival Thursday 6th of December in Zurich,
- CB meeting Friday 7th at 09.30 – 12.00 in Zurich,
- GA Saturday 8th at 08.30 in Zurich and
- Sunday 9th of December finals and departure.

The Invitation needs to be sent out before the 9th of September, which is 90 full days in advance of the General Assembly, approved by CB first. (Appendix 4)
The final Agenda is to be sent out no later than the 8th of November which is 30 full days before the General Assembly, approved by the CB first. The dead-line for the nominations and proposals to the GA shall be made 60 full days in advance, which is the 9th of October.

The following documents needs to be produced for the General Assembly:
- Annual report 2011 – 2012, prepared by the Office
- Plan of Action 2013 – 2014, prepared by ExCo/Mr. Liljelund
- IFF Statutes – already approved by the CB
- Financial documents prepare by the Office and approved by the CB
a) Financial report 2010 and 2011,
b) auditors reports 2010 and 2011 and
c) Budget 2013 and 2014
d) Discussion about membership fees

- Other materials:
 Nominations, co allocated by the office
 Possible motions from member associations.

Additional Agenda points:
- Unihoc to give their view of Floorball development
- Possible guest speaker (TV person)
- Next organizers presentations U19 WFC 2013, WFC 2013 and WFC 2014

The ExCo proposes that IFF invites the leading sport leaders to the WFC in order to strengthen the image of our sport. It will be needed to discuss with the Swiss Federation about what invitations they are making. The proposal is to invite the following persons to the WFC 2012:
- IOC: President Rogge, Director General Christophe De Kepper, Sports Director Christophe Dubi and Sports Consultant Christian Wassmer
- Swiss IOC members: Mr. Patrick Baumann (FIBA), Mr. Rene Fasel (IIHF), Mr. Gianfranco Kaspar (FIS), Mr. Dennis Oswald
- SportAccord: President Hein Vanbruggen and Director General Vincent Gaillard
- IWGA: President Ron Froehlich, WOC 2017 Mrs. Agata Granatowska
- ARIFS: President Jan Fransoo
- FISU: President Claude-Louis Gallien and Director General Eric Saintrond

The invitation will have to be made in beginning of September.

The CB decided: To approve the report and decide upon having the IFF General Assembly in Zurich on the 8th of December 2012 and approve the proposal made by the IFF ExCo.

d) IFF Association audit 2012

Mr. Liljelund reported on the preparations for the conducting of the IFF Association Audit. The IFF CB decided in its last meeting in Nitra, that the Association Audit would be conducted during the autumn, prior to the IFF General Assembly. Mr. Liljelund has made a first draft of the questionnaire based on the result of the workshop and had asked for comments from the CB members, upon which the next version of the questionnaire has been made. (Appendix 5)

Due to the extended size of the audit questionnaire – a new more realistic time table is needed, in which the interviews would be made before the end of the year.
The interviews will be made during September to December, with January as a spare month. The interviews will be made by two to three persons from the IFF Office.
The ExCo proposes that the questionnaire will be approved by the CB, which also will have to discuss how the results will be used and how IFF will work with them in the next CB meeting in November.

Mr. Tjärnquist asked what type of results can be excepted after the audit has been done.

Mr. Beaudin asked if there should be made an initial test audit with the a few associations.

Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB for their input in building the Audit questionnaire and the office for the preparation of the questionnaire.

The CB decided: To approve the report and the Association Audit questionnaire

§ 5. World Championships

a) WFC 2012 Switzerland

Mr. Wiedmer reported on the preparations of the Men‘s WFC 2012 to be played in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland. (Appendix 6)
The preparation is ongoing quite well and most issues related to accommodation and transportation is in order.
The LOC will now during the autumn point the external target group. The marketing sale is going quite well and quite close to budget. But the ticket sale is somewhat smaller than expected, including also the Swiss games in Berne. There are a lot of publications out, but the general audience has not reacted to it.

Mr. Tjärnquist asked if there are any trends concerning the average number of spectators in Switzerland.

Mr. Wiedmer explained that after having increased the Mobiliar league from 10 to 12 teams, which has created a number of not that good spectator numbers.

The CB felt that there has not been that much information on the WFC 2012 web page and facebook page. The IFF Information function has the been trying to help with sharing news on the facebook page, but to create more interest, content should be continuously added by the local organisers.

Mr. Liljelund reported on the process for the securing a high level TV production. The situation with TV for the WFC 2012 is critical. The SUHV has promised Swiss TV exclusivity for the host broadcasting of the Swiss quarter final, possible semi final and medal matches, but without any broadcast from the group matches. Swiss TV will show high-lights in their Sports news from the group. (Appendix 7)
This however means that that IFF needs to make an investment of around 100.000 CHF to secure the TV production from the Zurich group and since there is no broadcasted matches from Berne; we might need to make additional investments there as well, depending on the Swedish and Eurosport interest.
Due to the very late reaction of Swiss TV, the takers from Sweden and partly Czech Republic, we are for the first time since 2006 in a situation where it looks like that Eurosport will not take any matches from the WFC. IFF has received the answer that this is final decision made and IFF has started discussions to secure the situation.
IFF has now been looking for different offers from other production companies, since Swiss TV‘s offer is far too expensive for IFF. A meeting with Swiss TV is set for the 19th of September to make all final plans.

Mr. Wiedmer explained how the Swiss TV is evaluating Floorball, with the average number of TV spectators in relation to other sports in Switzerland. There is a quite low interest for TV to show Floorball on Swiss TV.

The CB decided: To approve the report

b) U19 WFC 2013 Germany

Mr. Kratz reported on behalf of Mr. Stoll, on the preparations of the organisation of the U19 WFC in Hamburg, Germany, between the 7. – 11.5.2013 in the Sport Halle Hamburg, with 5000 seats. The organisation is progressing in accordance with the planning. The concept is to extend the activities which were used already in 2011. There will again be a youth tournament played and workshops organized for coaches and club managers.

Mr. Michael Lachenmaier is the head of the Organisation Committee. All aspects regarding Public Relations and Marketing is in the hand of Mr. Mathias Liebing. The budget is calculated with an even result after the U19 WFC.

Mr. Kratz gave a brief report regarding the European qualifications played in Ciampino, Italy from the 5th to the 9th of September with 8 teams; Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine. The tournament is going to be very interesting with only one team qualifying for the final round.
The IFF has been working hard with the Italian organiser to secure the visas for the Ukraine team, since there have been some issues for them to receive them.

The CB decided: To approve the report

c) WFC 2013 Czech Republic

Mr. Kratz reported that the organisers for the WFCQ 2013 have been appointed by the RACC. The WFCQ shall be played in EUR 1 in Latvia, EUR 2 in Poland, AOFC in Korea and Americas in USA or Canada.

The CB decided: To approve the report

d) Applications for organisation of coming WFC‘s

Mr. Kratz reported on behalf of Mr. Suman that the IFF has in accordance with its competition calendar system received the letters of interest to organise the U19 WFC 2015 and U19 WFC 2016 from the following Member Associations (Appendix 8):

Men U19 WFC 2015: Singapore and Switzerland
Women U19 WFC 2016: Canada and Switzerland

The RACC and the ExCo proposes that the organisers are to be sent the bidding questionnaire and to return it to the IFF no later than by the 30th of October and that the organiser for the U19 WFC‘s will be appointed by the IFF CB in December 2012.

Mr. Suman further proposes that the Polish Federation which was the only applicant for the Women‘s U19 WFC 2014, will be awarded the organisation rights.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the Czech Floorball Union and the Latvian Floorball Union have shown interest to organise the Men‘s WFC 2016. The IFF Competition Department has sent out the bidding document to the two applicants. The bidding documents shall be IFF at hand by the 19th of September.

Mr.Liljelund reported on behalf of Mr. Suman upon the proposal for the WFC organiser evaluation tool (Appendix 9).

Mr. Wiedmer asked if there are too many details in the Evaluation tool, which Mr. Kratz answered that this system has been used in the biding document already for a number of years.

The CB decided: To approve the reports and to appoint the Polish Floorball Federation as organiser for the Women‘s U19 WFC 2014. Further the CB agreed to approve the WFC organiser evaluation tool.

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup

a) EuroFloorball Cup 2012

Mr. Kratz reported on the preparations for the EFC Final round 2012, which will be played in Kosice, Slovakia in 10. – 14.10.2012. The match schedule will be made next week after the qualifications are played.

The registration for the EFC ended by the 31st of May, with a record small number of teams in both the Men‘s and Women‘s category, which is 10 less teams than last year. The main reasons for this are the quite heavy financial situation and the fact that there was no organiser known well in advance.

The EFC qualifications will be played in Frederikshavn for Men (4 teams) between the 29 -31.08. and for Women (3 teams) between the 31.08 – 02.09.2012

The CB decided: To approve the report

b) Champions Cup

Mr. Tjärnquist presented the report concerning the 2nd edition of the Champions Cup, to be played on the 03. – 07.10.2012 in Umeå, Sweden. The participating teams have confirmed their arrivals and logistics. The match program will produced and distributed to 40.000 households in the region. The ticket sale has started in accordance with the plans. It has been a good intent to work together in promoting the Champions Cup.

Mr. Liljelund reported on behalf of Mr. Suman on the meeting of the Champions Cup steering group held at Arlanda on the 4th of July 2012. (Appendix 10) The meeting dealt with the upcoming events and the targets for the Event for 2012 and forward.

Ms. Bruun reported on the launch of the new Champions Cup web-page, which is now in use by both the LOC and the IFF. The evaluation will be made after the CC in Umeå. This new approach forces the organiser to be in daily contact with the IFF. There is still a small tendency that the organiser is focusing maybe too much on the local marketing.

Mr. Liljelund reported on the TV situation for the Champions Cup. The Swedish federation has closed a TV agreement with TV4 in the end of August, in which the production of the Champions Cup is included. The late signing of the agreement has somewhat slowed down the process of looking at interested takers. IFF will produce the semi-finals and the SIBF both finals. The organiser is planning to stream the matches on IFF‘s YouTube channel.
Further Mr. Liljelund informed that only four Floorball manufacturers are taking part in the Manufacturer Village, due to as they say a low Return on Investment, due to the saturated Floorball market in Umeå and the relatively high costs for participating.

The CB decided: To approve the proposal

§ 7. Committees and Function reports

a) ExCo reports

Mr. Eriksson reported on the IFF ExCo meeting held in Espoo, Finland on the 14.8.2012. (Appendix 11)

The ExCo discussed the way of how to find a better strategic way of setting the targets for IFF and it activities for the coming GA period 2013 – 2016. The focus for the next four years should be built on the present three pillar chosen already in 2010, but elaborate more with the Association Audit and the build an action plan based on the results.
From the ExCo‘s point of view the main target will be to enter the multi-sport events, reach a broader universality and strengthen our situation with TV and Marketing. The end objective is to reach the IOC Short list in 2015 and/or 2019.
The IFF need to clarify the targets and objectives for the CB for the next four year period, prior to the General Assembly. The ExCo proposed that the CB would in a discussion session set objectives for all different sectors during the next CB meeting, which will be the basis for the IFF Plan of Actions for 2013 - 2014. Mr. Eriksson felt that it is important to look on the criteria‘s set by the IOC.

Mr. King felt that most of the functions of the IFF are not on a strategic level. One idea could instead have three CB members working on the topic of Universality, Multi-Sport games and TV/Marketing and set the targets for the organization.

Mr. King presented upon the activities of the AOFC. (Appendix 12) The AOFC has been working with setting the targets for the coming year and the SEA Games and World University Championships.
The three Japanese Floorball organisations have now merged into one. Korea is hosting the Special Olympics Winter Games where Floorball is also being played. New Zealand has applied for hosting the APAC and the WFCQ in Wellington in 2014. Thailand has received information of National registration. The seminar in Indonesia has been put on hold, due to unclear targets of the organiser. IFF/AOFC will have to meet the Indonesian Floorball groups in the coming months.
The development has been successful where the actions have been driven through universities and forming series and infrastructures.

Mr. Beaudin reported on the present activities of the Americas. The main issue is the lack of a strong organisation in USA and Canada. The organisational components will have to be sorted out, built on a solid foundation to secure the good work done already. There is a risk to lose valuable organisational assets.

Mr King was of the opinion that some remarks in the report on the Americas dealt with internal issues, and were not for the IFF CB to deal with. Mr Beaduin responded that he merely wanted to give a clear picture of the present situation.

Mr. King felt that it is important to have a clear action plan, where IFF can help developing the National Associations. Additionally it was asked if there have been any contacts from Mexico.

Mr. Beaudin answered that there has been some activities at a private school in Mexico. There has been a request from an in-line team from the Cayman Islands to have a exhibition match. Mr. Beaudin stressed that there are some critical issues that needs to be solved.

Mr. Botman asked what these critical issues are and can IFF help to solve them.

Mr. Eriksson thanked Mr. Beaudin for his report, which represented the situation and felt that the issues are internal in Canada, which have to be solved nationally. IFF can of course help with mediation if needed, as has been done in other countries.

The CB decided: To approve the reports

b) Contacts to International Sports Organisations

Mr. Eriksson gave a short report on the SportAccord 2012 Convention, organised in Quebec, Canada from the 21. – 25.05.2012, during which IFF had separate meeting with the IOC Sport Department, FISU, IMGA and SportAccord. IFF also participated in the ARISF GA, the IMGA GA, the joint IOC EB/ASOIF meeting and the SportAccord GA and in a number of individual meetings.

Mr. Eriksson reported on the status of the World Games. Mr. Liljelund had in a meeting with IWGA President Mr. Froehlich asked about having a chance to discuss the possibilities of being involved in the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. Mr. Froehlich then returned and informed that the IWGA has opened for the organiser to apply for the option to have Invitational Sports on the program. The ExCo proposes that IFF will contact the LOC of the Wroclaw WOC and start the process of seeking for the possibility to become an Invitational Sport. The advantages for Floorball would be that we could provide top teams, audience to the games and a fresh new sport. (Appendix 14)

Mr. Suman felt that we need to contact the organiser of WOC during the World Games 2013 in Cali, Columbia.

Mr. Suman and Mr.Kratz reported on the IFF activities taken in connection to the 5th FISU World University Floorball Championships played in Prague, Czech Republic from the 22. – 27.05.2012. Mr. Suman met with FISU representative Mr. Carloz Lopez from Angola. The FISU was very pleased with the organisation. After the WUC in Singapore we can start looking into the Universiade. The Czech Republic won the men‘s tournament (8 teams) and Sweden the women‘s (4 teams)

The CB decided: To approve the reports.


Mr. Suman reported on the RACC Competition Seminar held in Prague on the 17 -19.08.2012, in order to set a common objective for the development of the IFF Events. The seminar was a huge success, with 38 participants from 18 member associations. (Appendix 15a) It took over 1,5 year to organise the seminar, with the help of the RACC and the IFF competition department. It is very important to know what is going to happen in different countries. The whole competition system is developing with the development of the sport as whole. The seminar was conducted in an open and positive attitude. The seminar enhanced the general understanding of how difficult it is to find a common opinion among the eighteen countries.

The result of the seminar can be put in a number of ideas and proposals, which both the RACC and the CB has to work with in the future. One of the goals set during the Associations meeting was to close the gap between the big and smaller associations in the WFC, based on this a new model for the Adult WFC was thoroughly discussed (Appendix 15b).
The present U19 WFC system is considered to work well but there should be less direct qualified teams and more spots to qualify for. The qualification tournaments groups should preferably consist of 4-6 teams. The Men‘s U19 WFC final round could be increased to 6 days but Women‘s U19 should stay at 5 days.

The term of the U19 WFC final round was thoroughly discussed both in groups and in the whole seminar. The conclusion was that the today‘s term or possibly one week earlier is the least worst dates and that a certain flexibility is needed due to needs and possibilities of the organizers. (Appendix 16)

The seminar was considered very useful and there were wishes for more seminars; Rules & Regulations, Development & Marketing, Organizing.

The RACC proposed the following for the IFF CB to decide upon
1) To update the Juridical Regulations with the jury fines list, in order to be able to swiftly sanction teams that are not following the competition rules. (Appendix 17)
2) To update the Friendly International Regulations concerning league matches played abroad, since there are apparently plans of this kind being developed. (Appendix 18)
3) To change the WFC Quota system so that the quota is depending on the number of teams actually participating and that the registration only gives the preliminary quota. Additionally countries from new continents shall have to qualify and not be given a direct spot in the Final round.
4) A new WFC playing system shall be implemented, preferably already starting from WFC 2013 (includes changed ballot 1-4 & 5-8 to groups A & B and 9-12 & 13-16 to group C & D). In addition there would be a new first play-off round, giving more teams the possibility to play in the quarter finals.
5) As an outcome from the seminar it was proposed that all teams apart from the organizer should qualify for the Adult WFC, this has to preferably be installed from WFC 2014
6) To change the system also for the EFCQ, so that the organizing country can have two teams in EFCQ to increase the possibility to get organizers in an earlier stage than is the fact today.

Mr. Eriksson informed that he has heard only positive feedback from the participants of the IFF Competition seminar.

The CB decided: To approve the report and the proposals made by the RACC, with the change of the new WFC Playing system starting from 2013.

d) RC

Mr. Botman gave a short report about the RC activities and the time table for the Nomination of International Referees and Observers for 2013-2014. The next RC meeting will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in the end of September, to discuss the nomination of the International Referees and Observers.

The RC proposes to increase of the compensation of the International Referees for the period 2013 to 2016. The RC has discussed with the referees and agreed that there is a problem with the fact that some associations support their International Referees and others don‘t.
The RC is proposing a 10 CHF increase in all the categories per day. Additionally the RC is proposing that in tournaments lasting longer than four days or more, that one travelling day should be compensated. (Appendix 19)

Mr. Eriksson felt that it was a good report and the CB takes cognisance of the report. The decision taken in 2007 was a good system to have a fixed compensation plan. It is needed to take this up during to the Budget process. There have already been a number of problems with Friendly Internationals, where the organisers have not used International Referees.

The CB decided: To approve the report and decided to review the RC proposal during the IFF Budget process for the years 2013-2014.

e) Development function

Mr. Liljelund reported that IFF is holding a country specific development workshop for the Slovenian Federation in the first weekend of September.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

f) Marketing function

Mr. Liljelund reported that the IFF Core Country Marketing group has prepared a guideline for the use of the IFF Corporate Identity in relationships to the IFF Events (Appendix 20).

Mr. Wiedmer felt that the use of the Corporate Identity should not be put to stern and that the organisers must be left to have free space to move with.

Mr. Suman felt that this will be developed during the process and that it is important to give a general guideline for the usage of the image . The WFC 2013 will be test event for the using of the Corporate Identity.

The CB decided: To approve the report and the guidelines for the use of the IFF Corporate Identity.

g) Medical committee

Ms. Bruun reported on the Medical Committee meeting held in Helsinki, on May 15th, 2012. (Appendix 21) The Medical Committee has installed an Injury Assessment Form, in order to collect injury statistics from IFF Events. This statistics will be used to try to determine what types of injuries occurs in Floorball and IFF Events. The form will be tested during the Champions Cup and the Men‘s WFC 2012. (Appendix 22) Ms. Bruun has elaborated with Ms. Kati Pasanen on the Injury Form. The aim is to reduce risk in Floorball and compare injury statistics to other sports.
The Teams can only change injured players, if they have filled-in the Injury Form.

IFF is continuing the preparations to give feedback to the Code 2nd Consultation Phase in October, for the revision of the WADA Code for 2013.

The CB decided: To approve the reports and the implementation of the Injury Form.

h) Material function

Mr. Liljelund reported on the meeting of the IFF Development Board held on the 29th of May in Mölnlycke, Sweden. The meeting was called to discuss the presently burning issue of introduction of carbon fibre made blades in Floorball sticks, where IFF with SP is trying to find a test method for such blades together with the manufacturers. (Appendix 23)

The Material function has also started a test to allow players taller than 190 cm to play with manufacturer made Floorball sticks, in order to avoid illegal self made sticks at the market. So far in the first application round there was 13 applicants, out of whom 10 received the permission to use the test stick and two players are to give additional input to their applications. IFF is planning to test all player sticks for the length and combination of blade shaft during the WFC 2012.

Mr. Suman made a comment of concerning the use of new materials and how they will affect the game. We don‘t need to make the game even faster.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

i) Athletes Commission

Mr.Liljelund reported on behalf of Mr. Stoll on the actions taken in respect to the election of male Athletes Commission members during the WFC 2012.

The IFF CB is to ask for nominations from the Member Associations and the election will take place during the group stages in both Berne and Zurich. (Appendix 24)

Mr. Liljelund is to explain the proceeding of the election of the Athletes Commission Chairperson, who if the IFF Statutes proposal will go through at the General Assembly will become a member of the IFF CB. The ExCo proposes that the CB will for the first time conduct the election of the chairman of the Athletes Commission on the 9th of December, in order to include this person in the IFF CB.

Mr. Botman asked about the system for the election of the Athletes Committee chairman.

The CB decided: To approve the report

j) Equality function

Mr. Tjärnquist reported on the activities of the Equality function. Based on the results from the discussion session on the development of female Floorball during the EFT in Karlstad, Sweden, it has been decided that a follow-up meeting will be held in Zurich, Switzerland during the WFC 2012, on Friday the 7th of December.

The CB decided: To approve the report

k) ParaFloorball function

Ms. Bruun reported on the Electric Wheelchair HockeyFloorball 3rd European Championships played in Nastola, Finland (June 4-11) with Slovenia playing the EC for the first time. The ICEWH‘s has plans to apply for a place in the IWAS World Games. The LOC used our social media channels. The ICEWH are striving for the recognition of IPC. (Appendix 25a)

Ms. Bruun is also reported on the preparations of the Special Olympics World Winter Games in South Korea 2013 and the preparatory meeting held in South-Korea (Appendix 25b) Floorball will be played during the first two days of the Event, with 8 teams and more on the waiting list. The Korea Floorball Federation is supporting the Event and the target is to get great SO Floorball media exposure before the event. The SO would like to have top players to become as ambassadors.

Furthermore the SO has asked for the opportunity to play demonstration matches in the Champions Cup 2012 in Sweden and the Men‘s WFC 2012. ICEWH is possibly wants to have a demo in the WFC 2012

The Manual Wheelchair has formed their first committee and decided to apply for joining the IWAS with new contacts from USA and Korea.

The CB decided: To approve the reports

l) Information function

Mr. Beaudin gave a short report on the present status of the web page and social media visibility. (Appendix 26).

Further Mr. Beaudin reported on the status of the Floorball mobile application, which development is ongoing. A status report was sent out in May, after which Hockey Community has built in possibilities for the including statistical data. If the IFF would like to make a stand alone solution would cost at least 15 – 30 k CAD.

Mr. Botman asked what target group we are aiming at and what does it add to the IFF present offering.

Ms. Bruun informed about the plans for updating the IFF Materials in the coming years.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office

Mr. Liljelund informed that Mr. Philipp Hamann, from Germany will work at the IFF Office in Helsinki as a trainee for the two months, taking part in the Champions Cup preparations and working with Office issues.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 9. Member Federations

a) Membership issues

Russian Floorball Federation
Mr. Liljelund reported on the present situation with the IFF member status in Russia.
There are two organisations in Russia, the first one who initially was introduced to the IFF, the Russian Floorball Federation – President Mr. Piskov has been registered by Ministry of Justice and National Floorball Federation of Russia - President Mr. Chernov is seeking for registration from the Ministry of Sport. Both organisations are applying for certification by Ministry of Sports. The IFF needs to have clarity by the end of September for the WFC 2012

Indian Floorball Federation
The Indian Floorball Federation, President Dr. Prabhat Kumar, IAS, has sent in their membership application and there has been no response from the FFI and Mr. Ansari since the last CB meeting (Appendix 27a - Appendix 27b)

The InFF has also committed in writing to pay a total of € 3.000,- as an initial payment still during 2012, to pay off the old Indian debts and to clear them by paying a yearly sum of € 1.000 for 2013 – 2016. The ExCo is putting the application forward to the IFF CB for change of membership for India.

The CB decided: To approve the report and replace the Floorball Federation of India with the new Indian Floorball Federation as provisional member.

b) Members under suspension

Mr. Kratz reported on the situation of the suspended association Malaysia, which has started to pay off the debts. The Office will continue the communication with Malaysia, to sort out the situation.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

c) New Member Applications

Mr. Liljelund reported that contacts have been taken from Mozambique asking for how to deal with a possible membership application.

Further there have been some inquiries from Luxembourg on how to apply for membership in the IFF.

Mr. Botman told that there have been contacts from the Netherlands to Luxembourg and that there are some activities in the schools started as well.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

§ 10. Next CB meeting

The next CB meeting will be held on the 3.-4.11.2012 in Helsinki, Finland with arrival on Saturday the 3rd of November, with the meeting starting at 12.00.

§ 11. Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB members for a good and efficient meeting and ended the meeting at 18.10.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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