Floorball Champions Cup
Wednesday 03.10.2012 11:00
Storvreta  4 — 1  Tatran
Storvreta  —  Tatran
Wednesday 03.10.2012 17:00
Wiler-Ersigen  6 — 7  Dalen
Wiler-Ersigen  —  Dalen
Wednesday 03.10.2012 20:00
Dalen  4 — 5  Piranha Chur
Dalen  —  Piranha Chur
Thursday 04.10.2012 11:00
Tigers  6 — 9  IKSU
Tigers  —  IKSU
Thursday 04.10.2012 14:00
SPV  10 — 9  Wiler-Ersigen
SPV  —  Wiler-Ersigen
Thursday 04.10.2012 17:00
RTU  1 — 5  Storvreta
RTU  —  Storvreta
Thursday 04.10.2012 20:02
Classic  3 — 2  Dalen
Classic  —  Dalen
Friday 05.10.2012 10:29
RSU  1 — 11  Tigers
RSU  —  Tigers
Friday 05.10.2012 13:31
Piranha Chur  3 — 4  Classic
Piranha Chur  —  Classic
Friday 05.10.2012 16:30
Tatran  11 — 4  RTU
Tatran  —  RTU
Friday 05.10.2012 19:40
Dalen  6 — 5  SPV
Dalen  —  SPV
Saturday 06.10.2012 11:00
IKSU  11 — 4  Piranha Chur
IKSU  —  Piranha Chur
Saturday 06.10.2012 13:59
Classic  3 — 0  Tigers
Classic  —  Tigers
Saturday 06.10.2012 17:10
Storvreta  9 — 8  SPV
Storvreta  —  SPV
Saturday 06.10.2012 20:10
Dalen  8 — 2  Tatran
Dalen  —  Tatran
Sunday 07.10.2012 13:10
IKSU  10 — 5  Classic
IKSU  —  Classic
Sunday 07.10.2012 16:10
Dalen  3 — 6  Storvreta
Dalen  —  Storvreta

To do in Umeå!

has one of Sweden´s largest laserdome halls - 600 square meters. Billiards, darts, and arcade games are also available. Or why not explore the town of Umea from a Segway. Welcome to experience fantastic laser fun and lots more no matter if you are young or old.

Arosfortet! Indoor adventures! Visit Arosfortet at Megazone. In the fort’s 26 cells, your group’s ability to work together will be put to test. There are challenges for everyone. In each cell there are one to several problems that needs to be solved with creativity and interpersonal skills. To be able to solve the cells you need to be a group of 3-4 persons.



The elk farm is one of our region’s most fascinating experiences. Nothing beats getting right up close to an elk. These gigantic beasts are both inspiring and surreal. There are also other activities that you can do there, such as driving terrain vehicles. This activity needs to be booked in advanced!



Curling, step into to our newly built Curling center and learn how to play the game. It is a modern center with 6 lanes and walking distance from the town centre.

This activity needs to be booked in advance.



IKSU Sport is the biggest sportcenter in Northern Europe. The centre offer lots of activities for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional. It contains everything from a modern gym to Squash, golf simulator, indoors climbing and beach volleyball.



Holmsunds Tropikhouse. Do you want to see exotic animals from all over the world? Touch a real snake, study a hissing cockroach from Madagascar, or be enchanted by magnificent monkeys. See tropic beetles, giant millipedes, venomous reptiles, dangerous cobras, huge tarantulas and much more. For more information visit their website.



Aquarena. The adventure swimming baths Aquarena is great fun for all the family. Here you will find a children’s pool – “the Jungle Lagoon” – and no less than three exciting waterchutes; one outdoor, one indoor and for the daredevils there is Spacebowl, which you can see in the picture beside.

Aquarena is located in Holmsund, 17 km from Umea.



Umea Bowling Alley is a modern bowling place with 23 lanes equipped with computer scorers. There are also billiard and snooker tables to rent and several pinball machines and video games. Restaurant and bar is located in the building.




Men's standings
Women's standings
Top Scorers
Goalie statistics
1.Albin EngholmStorvreta414193.33
2.Andis BlindsRTU225389.28
3.Fredrik HornqvistDalen41071885.59
4.Viktor KlintstenStorvreta4601283.33
5.Tomas KafkaTatran3561282.35